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We improve your submissions as well as your overall marketing efforts:

  • Chambers, Legal 500, AmLaw, Law360 and other directory and awards submissions

  • Content generation for external communication

  • Journalist-standard English-language editing and translations

  • Digital marketing, including website development, SEO review, social media integration

  • Traditional media training including interview prep, and social media training including for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

  • Media relations for news, legal, industry, and regional publications


RMPC Legal Marketing (RMPC) is the premier law firm consultancy for directory rankings and awards submissions management, also known as recognitions marketing.

On a tactical level, we know what is required from the various publications, the nuances that each looks for to compile their rankings and award their winners. This means that RMPC can make your submissions – indeed, your entire submissions process – as efficient as possible. By identifying the stakeholders within your firm that need to participate, helping you select the best client referees to speak on your behalf, picking out those matters that show what you can do, and highlight the specific “need to know” qualities of your work, RMPC helps make your submissions as effective as they can be. We improve your odds for being properly recognized.

In a strategic sense, we help integrate recognitions marketing into your overall marketing and business development efforts to raise the profiles of your key practice groups, and of your firm overall. That’s because recognitions comprise the best work your lawyers, practice, or even your firm as a whole can do. This can help with your RFP process, being named to panels, and confirming referrals who want to see that you really can help them.

Recognitions showcase your unique skills as assets that in many cases only you can provide. Identifying these and receiving accolades for them can lead to crucial differentiation in today’s hyper-competitive global legal industry. We work with partners and senior legal marketers to uncover what it is that makes you stand out from your peers in this hyper-competitive legal industry.

RMPC also offers a unique network of legal marketing experts who have all held senior positions at top-tier law firms. In addition to working on directories and awards, our network offers services across the spectrum of marketing communications. This runs from lawyer bios, content generation, social media training, and traditional media training to video production, website development, and strategic business development advice.

The RMPC Network

RMPC Legal Marketing was founded in 2008 to provide legal marketing services – including directories management, content generation, social media training, media training, video production, and strategic marketing advice – to leading law firms around the world.

Customer first

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Meet Richard

Richard Pinto


Hi! I’m the founder and principal of RMPC Legal Marketing, which specializes in using recognitions marketing (also known as directories, law firm rankings, and lawyer awards) as an integral part of a law firm’s marketing strategy.

A little professional background: I started my professional career in the financial sector, as an asset manager with Lehman Brothers and then Citibank. Little did I know how my understanding of the financial markets would become an enormous asset (sic) down the road. Over the years I’ve worked at other blue-chip enterprises in the editorial, financial, and legal industries.

I’ve served as a reporter at Forbes magazine, and in my entry into the legal world, was named the first Americas editor at International Financial Law Review‘s IFLR1000. During my tenure at the latter, I revamped the rankings process in the region, and literally wrote the IFLR book on researching law firm rankings. Working as a journalist also means that I’ve mastered the skill of ramping up to speed on any topic in a short time and the critical importance of meeting deadlines.

When I left IFLR in 2008, it was to join the marketing team at White & Case as a Directories Manager, one of the first to hold such a position at any law firm around the world. Since then, I’ve stayed in the law firm world, serving at other white-shoe firms like Shearman & Sterling and Sullivan & Cromwell. When RMPC opened, clients have included firms like Skadden, Milbank, MoFo. We can also count antitrust boutiques, litigation firms, energy law firms, and IP firms as clients, as well as some regional and national firms. Thanks to my time at IFLR, I have also had the opportunity to work with law firms outside the US. Clients have included law firms in Panama, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

One thing I can say: I know law firms. I understand the unique culture in which they operate, the dynamics that legal marketers face when working with law firm partners, and the demands that those partners have to deal with daily. This allows me to approach my work with a unique perspective. Of course, I also know how law firms in emerging markets operate, what they deem important, how they prefer to be positioned.

My background offers an advantage few can match: a knowledge of law firms culture, the financial markets, journalism, and regional expertise. I know what you need to get recognized.

I’ve also been involved with the Legal Marketing Association in various capacities since 2008. The Law Firm Media Professionals selected me to chair a Special Committee on Directories and Awards to help create an industry standard for how firms should approach recognitions. Over the years, I’ve been interviewed for my views on directories and awards, and been invited to participate in legal marketing panels.

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering for civic duty. I’ve served on various committees and councils, including on the executive board of the prestigious Scarsdale Forum advisory council. I was also appointed to the Town Board of Assessment Review. I think the takeaway is simple: I like to help!